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By specializing in multiple areas of the music industry, Juanita Murcia is like no other person in this competitive business. By combining her Colombian culture and her skills and talents, she brings a unique perspective as a business-woman/performer/producer/arranger and is able to bring something vivacious and fresh to the table.  

Born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia, Juanita has always been surrounded by a very culturally diverse background. As a child she was immersed in world of Colombian music ranging from boleros and bambucos to salsa and mapalé. Her mother's family was one of singers and guitarists so from a very young age she was invited to sing at various events. As she grew up, she started being immersed in a more globalized world that introduced pop and rock to Juanita, genres with which she fell in love. She kept performing but now she did so independently.

As life kept happening, Juanita started developing different passions and skills different than music. She started getting into the world of math, literature and sports and they became essential to her life. She completed the literature AP's in both Spanish and English and also won the math Olympiads from her home country. All of these achievements also helped her develop her unique skill set. As she did these things, she never left music aside, in fact, she developed an interest for musical theatre and she started performing in theaters around the country as much as possible.

Later on, she attended Berklee College of Music on a partial World Tour scholarship and started thinking which fields of study would help combine her skill set to the best extent and how she could use them to benefit the music industry with them. And so she decided to double major in Music Business/Management and Contemporary writing and Production and double minor in Music Recording and Musical Theater Performance. These fields of study, not only enhanced her abilities but her develop and polish them so they would be ready to use in the real world.

At Berklee she gained a lot of real-world experience as well that made her become a very competent professional. She participated in various BPC shows and shows around the campus in general as lead and background vocalist. She sang around Boston as part of the Summer Series edition at Berklee and  at different venues. She also participated in the Berklee Popular Music Institute where she got to perform A&R work and pitch artists to go to festivals. Then she acted as artist manager to develop these artists and later on, she acted as tour manager to bring them to Governors Ball and Midtown festivals. She was also immersed in the production world working in real life studios and mixing with professional consoles as well as she got the experience to arrange different pieces and record/direct them with live bands.

Currently, she is managing different artists like: Ed Rox, Sofía Padilla and JP Faundez and she is planning the Midtown festival. She is also performing around Boston and producing and arranging the demos for her artist Sofía Padilla. She wishes to keep on working in the industry and help as many artists as possible to thrive

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