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As a Contemporary Writing and Production graduate, Juanita gained arranging skills that allow her to write for different styles ranging from: pop to jazz. On the other hand, Juanita has always had an ability to write songs of all kinds and styles. Therefore, she decided to combine her abilities and arrange her own songs as well.

Hereunder is a showcase of her abilities as an arranger for covers of different styles and composer for advertising. Also, a songwriter and an arranger for her own songs.

Cover Arrangements

Buenos Aires- Nathy PelusoArr. JUANA
00:00 / 03:18
No Time to Die- Billie EillishArr. JUANA
00:00 / 03:56

Advertising Music

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Original Songs/Arrangements

Room 8Juana
00:00 / 04:38
Lo efímeroJUANA
00:00 / 04:42
Material FaithJUANA
00:00 / 04:10
899 Boylston StJuana
00:00 / 03:06
Don't Make Me LaughJUANA
00:00 / 02:24
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