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Manager and A&R

Juanita has worked as an artist manager for various artists like: Ed Rox, Sofía Padilla, JUANA, Annamarie Rosanio etc. Some of her responsibilities included but weren't limited to:

- Creating and executing marketing plans that increased audience engagement in music releases.

- Manage and analyze social media engagement.

- Develop artist image and asses artist profile based in the targeted audience.

- Book gigs and deal with different venue agents to reach monetary deals.

- Book and reach monetary deals with musicians.

- Design and execute stage plots, tech riders, press releases, etc.

As a member of the Berklee Popular Music Institute, Juanita has had the opportunity to get A&R experience. She has pitched and heard the pitches for candidates to festivals like: Lollapalooza, Governors Ball, Midtown Music, etc. Her love and passion for urban latin music made her pitch her reggaeton/trap artist Ed Rox who was later selected to attend Midtwon festival. Currently, she's working as a tour manager for Awfbeat (attending Governors Ball). She wishes to pitch and develop artists for the rest of her life.

Upon graduation from Berklee, Juanita will seek a career in the Latin industry, more specifically, in the reggaeton one. She hopes to help artists to keep on spreading positive messages through latin music and to use its popularity for the audience´s benefit. 

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